Audubon Interpretation Works


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“Green Herons” 36” x 36” - SOLD

“Audubon Interpretations”, a new collection of paper collage works by Laura W. Adams had its world premiere showing at the Lagerquist Gallery in Atlanta in November, 2013. In February of 2014 and 2015, this work was again on display at the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston, SC. In December 2014- January 2015, select works were shown at Hall-Barnett Gallery in New Orleans, LA. A few select works will then go on display at Off the Wall Gallery at 45 Bistro in the Marshall House, beginning on April 2, 2015, and at T. Clifton Art in Memphis, Tennessee.

Audubon Interpretations - New Paper Collage Works On Canvas is the latest exhibition of work by Atlanta artist, Laura W. Adams. These pieces were inspired by the sesquicentennial showing of the original watercolors of John James Audubon at the New York Historical Society. These works reinterpret the Audubon compositions in an entirely new medium - paper. Adams layers a wide variety of colored, textured, patterned and tissue papers to recreate Audubon's birds, using meticulous detail in the spirit of Audubon himself, except that no paint is used in their making. Each of the pieces are life-sized or super-sized recreations of Audubon's paintings from his Birds of North America series. The result is a series of paper collage "paintings" in a riot of color and texture, bringing the birds to life on the canvas.

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“Carolina Parakeets” 48” x 60” - SOLD

Declared Adams, “Last spring, I traveled to New York City, where I attended a show commemorating the 150th anniversary of the New York Historical Society's purchase of the 474 original watercolors of Audubon's Birds of North America. I was struck by the incredible beauty, colors, luminosity and vibrancy of Audubon's original works. His meticulous attention to detail and the gracefulness and perfect balance of his compositions, were striking and unforgettable. Audubon painted his birds from life, and painted them life-sized. The passion that he possessed for capturing the beauty of these birds was contagious. As part of the ‘celebration’ surrounding this show, I am paying my own homage to this work, and to all the wonderful conservation efforts Audubon subsequently inspired by his paintings.”

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“Ivory Billed Woodpeckers” 36” x 48”, SOLD

“The medium for my work, paper, is quite different from the delicacy and detail of the watercolor medium of Audubon,” continued Adams. “I use a variety of papers to suggest iridescence and texture. I am using the original compositions and subject matter that Audubon used for his birds, but am reinterpreting these images in this new medium. I am trying to capture the vibrancy, the dramatic sense of life and death, that Audubon portrayed so well. This body of work has also taught me another very valuable lesson: patience. My collages take a tremendous amount of time, energy and effort to figure out and to create. As a result, the birds have taken on a life of their own - coming to life out of the layers of paper I lay down on the canvas, even coming out of the canvas in a sculptural bas-relief caused by the layering technique.”

The New York Historical Society's series explores the evolution of Audubon’s dazzling watercolors in the order in which they were engraved. More information on this show, and the upcoming "flocks" of shows can be found at:

About the Artist

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Laura W. Adams is an award winning artist who recently moved back to Atlanta after a 20 year absence. She is a self-taught artist with a law degree from Emory University. Her work is shown in galleries in New York City, Atlanta, Highlands North Carolina, Charleston South Carolina, Memphis, Tennessee, New Orleans, Louisiana and Savannah, Georgia. Her work is in numerous corporate collections and is owned by individuals around the world. For more information on Adams and her work, visit her website at

For larger images of this work, please contact Laura W. Adams at or call 912-596-3147.

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“Wood Ducks” 36”x 48”, SOLD

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“Red Breasted Mergansers” 36”x 24”, available at Brickworks Gallery, Atlanta, GA

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“Hooded Mergansers” 36” x 24”, SOLD

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“Blue Winged Teals” 36” x 24”, SOLD

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“Osprey and Trout” 24” x 36”, SOLD

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“Roseate Spoonbill” 36” x 24”, SOLD

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“Yellow Breasted Chats” 24” x 36” SOLD

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“Yellow Crowned Night Herons” 24” x 36”, SOLD

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“Wild Turkey” 36” x 48”, SOLD


“Tufted Titmouse” 18” x 24”, SOLD


“Cardinals” 18” x 24” - SOLD


“Red-Eyed Vireo” 18” x 24”, SOLD

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“Cedar Waxwings” 18” x 24”, SOLD

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“Marsh Wrens” 18” x 24”, SOLD

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“Dark-Eyed Juncos” 18” x 24” SOLD

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“Blue Bird I” (SOLD), “Blue Bird II” (SOLD), 9” x 12”

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“Baltimore Oriole I”, “Baltimore Oriole II”, 9” x 12” SOLD