"Three Billion Show" Hudgens Center for the Arts, Atlanta, GA

Above, "Red-Winged Blackbirds," 48" x 72", paper collage on wrapped canvas

From February 6- April 24 the Hudgens Center for Art and Learning in Gwinnett County will feature an art show entitled “Three Billion” — representing the three billion North American birds that have been lost in the past 50 years, according to a recently released study in the journal Science. The causes for the loss of these birds, many of them familiar backyard birds, include habitat loss, overuse of pesticides, building strikes, and free roaming domestic cats.

“Three Billion” is a group show curated by Brickworks Gallery owner and artist, Laura W. Adams. The show will feature a small group of artists whose work has either delved in to the plight of birds, or whose work has celebrated nature and birds and their habitats. All of the artists chosen have shown a long and strong commitment to protecting wild birds and their habitat. Laura W. Adams will be presenting a new series of work entitled "Flock," focusing on six biomes of avifauna that are currently in distress. Adams presents her subjects in idealized environments, free of the hazards now facing the birds. The series asks, "If I were a bird in distress, what world would I rather live in, and what would that look like?"

The show opens at the Hudgens Center for the Arts on Saturday, February 6th, 2020 from 2:00-4:00 pm outside of Atlanta, Georgia. The show runs until end of April, 2021. More programming will be announced soon. The show is co-sponsored by Georgia Audubon.

Bobolink and Bobwhite_screen
Above, "Bobolink and Bobwhite," 48" x 72", paper collage on wrapped canvas

Above, "A Swift Night Out," 72" x 48", paper collage on wrapped canvas

Above, "The Warbler Tree," 72" x 48", paper collage on wrapped canvas

Above, "Pollinators," 72" x 48", paper collage on wrapped canvas


Above, "Wood Stork Dance" 48" x 72" paper collage on wrapped canvas