SEWE 2021 - an online exhibit this year

The annual Southeast Wildlife Exposition has been canceled for in-person events for 2021. I have been invited to participate in SEWE 2022, which I plan to attend. SEWE will have an on-line presence this year, and I will be showing 8 works in this online gallery. Check out the following link for my available works:

Here are a few of the works in the online gallery:

"Summer Hummer - Calliope", 8" x 10":

summer hummer - calliope_screen

"Summer Hummer - Anna's", 8" x 10" - SOLD!

summerhummer - anna's

"Summer Hummer - Rufous", 8" x 10":

summer hummer rufous_screen

"Summer Hummer - Black-Chinned", 8" x 10":

summer hummer black chinned_screen

"Summer Hummer - Ruby-Throated", 20" x 10" - SOLD!

summmer hummer ruby throated_screen

"Smokey Mountain Stream", 30" x 40":


"Northern Pintail I", 18" x 24":


"Northern Pintail II", 18" x 24":

Northern Pintail I_screen