Meet the Artist Event at An American Craftsman Gallery in Lenox, MA

On July 31st, Laura W. Adams will be at An American Craftsman Gallery in Lenox, Massachusetts for a Meet the Artist event. Adams will display new work to be shown at the gallery. We hope to see you there!
For more information, contact An American Craftsman:
RSVP: or call 845-661-1221



"Yellow Birch and Red Oak," 36" x 36":

"Ruby-throated Hummingbirds and Wild Bergamot," 36" x 60":

summer hummingbirds

Detail of "Ruby-throated Hummingbirds and Wild Bergamot":
summer hummingbird detail 1

"Goldfinches in the Maple Tree", 36" x 36":

Detail of "Goldfinches in the Maple Tree":


"Turkey Trot Forest", 24" x 24":


Series of 20" x 10" Hummingbirds on panel:

"Hummingbird and Bee Balm", 20" x 10" Sold:

Hummingbird and Bee Balm

"Hummingbird and Cardinal Flower", 20" x 10" Sold:

hummingbird and cardinal flower

"Hummingbird and Trumpet Flower," 20" x 10" Sold:

Hummingbird and trumpet flower

Series of Warbler pieces on panel:

"Parula Warbler I and II", each are 20" x 10", sold:
Parula Warbler I

Parula Warbler II - SOLD:

Parula Warbler II

"The Warbler Tree," 72" x 48":