Artist Invitational at Gallery Wild in Jackson, Wyoming

I am so excited for my upcoming show in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, at Gallery Wild! The show opens on Thursday, August 6th, and I will be there from 12:00-7:00 pm. Andrew and I are taking a meandering trip out west for the show, visiting some amazing National Parks along the way. For more information, go to I hope to see you there! Here is a preview of some of my new works:

pollinators calliope_screen
"Pollinators - Calliope Hummingbirds", 72" x 48"

western meadowlark_screen
"Western Meadowlark," 72" x 48"

"Three Black-Rosy Finch" 72" x 48" detail below:

Detail 1 of "Three Black-Rosy Finch"

Detail 2 of "Three Black Rosy-Finch"

Detail 3 of "Three Black Rosy-Finch"